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June 19 2011 1 19 /06 /June /2011 23:46

A message published by Marina Stoimenova the bulgarian rhytmic gymnast , announcing her retirement on March 9th 2011 :


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Hey people, it's Marina...Stoimenova.
There is no easy way to say this but since all of you here are devoted to gymnastics I somehow feel I owe it to you.
I put an end to my rhythmic gymnastics career that had not even began. For some of you this may be a surprise, for others - random information and for third ones - a reason to think about 'Why the hell it always happens like that?'
The nature of truth is really boring and taking the risk to annoy you I'll try to present you my truth about this sport and the time it took me to realize it.
I fell in love with rhythmic gymnastics when I was 4. I started training at the age of 7. I became good at 14. I hated it at 17. I left it at 19...But I never understood when I actually gave it up.
Most times when you ask somebody whether they regret for the failures in their life they would answer that they don't and that everything made them stronger or something like that. Well, for my 19 years I regret for a lot of stuff and one of them is that I didn't even get my chance to fail. Because, let's be honest, a lot of people got that chance and took advantage of it. Of course, to be absolutely sincere I don't think I became that good...but whatever. I am not the first and I definitely won't be the last one. Much more talented and PERSPECTIVE girls stopped too early. I believe for the most of them this was good. I feel sad for those who regardless of their success left this sport unsatisfied and disappointed. But the real tragedy is for those who after the end of their career still find some perverted pleasure in the delusion that by getting in the way of girls who deserve to develop, they'll keep their fame alive. That's a long, sad story that we all know and that is not worth talking about.
Looking back, though, I see a lot of confused girls that don't have even the slightest idea which the important things in life are. Don't get me wrong, success is important and presenting your country at the biggest competitions is important too but I am asking where in all this mess is being a good person or at least trying to be!?...Rhetorical question...This is a vicious circle that won't stop existing only because we know it exists.
I'm sure that some of you will say 'That's why it didn't work for you! For the great athletes the win is the most important thing.' I have 2 explanations about that. First of all, yes, it's true that for me beauty has always been more important than achievements and second of all - in Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics great athletes are rare to find.
So, back to my retirement...I do have an injury which is not a secret and if I had enough patience and strength I would have fought and continued on the road that for some time I considered foreshadowed. But things changed, I changed and realized I had two choices - to stay and to hate myself or to change everything and have really hard times. For my surprise the choice was easy...
I have no words to express my gratitude to Elena and Marieta Dukovi. I am convinced that in Bulgaria there aren't other people so devoted to this sport. They will always be changing and improving because, unlike some reptiles in Bulgarian gymnastics, they work with passion, professionalism and most of all they are good people.
To the girls that are still training I wish to take their work seriously. To those who retired I would like to remind to remember the past but to never go back there. Uncertain future is always to be preferred to depleted past. And to all of you who make the forum what it is I would like to thank for the huge support that I received. I want you to know that every time I saw my name in your posts (regardless of the occasion) was a little victory for me.
I do not know what follows from now on but I hope to prove my intentions with deeds.
I love you!


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Published by Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi - in Gymnasts
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aurelee 08/24/2011 14:39

ok thank

Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi 08/24/2011 19:13

You welcome :)

aurelee 08/23/2011 21:12

sad mess, she is on rsg.net?

Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi 08/23/2011 22:19

Marina has an account on the bulgarian forum but on rsg I don't think so :\


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- My name is Ranine 
- I am a student , a former rhytmic gymnast and a current contemporary dancer
- Struggling to make my life become better
- I am in love with pro-wrestlin and WWE
- I love music and I can't spend my day without lis
  • Welcome :) - My name is Ranine - I am a student , a former rhytmic gymnast and a current contemporary dancer - Struggling to make my life become better - I am in love with pro-wrestlin and WWE - I love music and I can't spend my day without lis

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