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January 1 2012 1 01 /01 /January /2012 00:29


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Published by Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi
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December 2 2011 6 02 /12 /December /2011 19:06
Hello everybody !
I just released my new montage "Rhytmic Mania"
Enjoy watching it ;)

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November 26 2011 7 26 /11 /November /2011 23:10

Hello everybody !

If you want to get my recent news , like my page on FaceBook !

You can find the like box in the top on the right side

Now you can post your requests easily ..

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Published by Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi
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November 24 2011 5 24 /11 /November /2011 21:53

Today , the career of a talented gymnast is over ..

She impressed us all with her flexibility and grace , when she starts to perform on the carpet : She makes us live in a story like a scene of a theatre ..

Yana Lukonina finished her career on October 291th 2011 due to back injury .

May god bless you princess ..



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November 5 2011 7 05 /11 /November /2011 12:57

301465 160645300683823 107691815979172 316577 3135051 n[1]





News Oct 13, 2011

Belarusian grace Liubov Cherkashina not acting for the sake of winning.


She declared herself was in full caliber at a time when the RG platform, was seemed reigned by supreme Alina Kabaeva. However, real recognition came to the Belarusian grace in "the reign" is another Russian star - Beijing Olympic champion Evgenia Kanaeva. Moreover, at the European Championships 2011 final even managed to beat Kanaeva on a pedestal and to prove the truth of the old as the hills - undefeated in the sport does not happen.

At the recent World Cup in France in Montpellier, where the judge again gave first place to Kanaeva, Cherkashina were satisfied getting for "bronze" in the exercise with the ball and "silver" in the team competition. Most important - the Belarusian artist managed to win a license for the 2012 Olympics. Game in London will show whether the forces of Belarusian could win the Olympic "gold".

- Liubov, how do you rate your performance at the World Championships in Montpellier?

- In general I am satisfied. The only thing was very upset that because of some two-tenths of points was only fourth in the all-around. But on the other hand, it will stimulate on further working. Of course, gymnastics- a subjective sport. But I am confident that we can fight with any competitors, and the Russians too. As Eugenia Kanaeva is not a robot, and she is same human, like all of us, and so she too can make mistakes. In addition, we stand out from representatives of other countries with our trademark style. And this is our advantage.

- Qualification for the 2012 Olympics you have already won. In your opinion, what you can expect at the Games in London?

- Four years ago I would have said so: "At the Olympics necessarily to win a medal." But with experience I know: do not throw words, you just need to go to your goal and achieve it. In London to fight for the awards will be very difficult. In the third place in the individual exercise - not to mention the first - the strongest aim to seventeen gymnasts in the world. And they all deserved to be in principle on a pedestal.

- You were so long in the shadow of other Belarusian athletes, in particular, Inna Zhukova. What helped you to continue to train, go to the goal without dropping hands? After all, many with whom you started, have already left the sport ...

- One of the newspapers once wrote that Cherkashina would leave gymnastics after the Olympics in London. Somewhat strange to read - in fact I myself still do not even think. Refering to the first part of the question, then, believe me, I did not get hurt that was for so many years to plow, so I finally started to "be noticed" by the judge and I began to gain medals at the European and world championships.

Most important - I achieved it. And now I am on carpet is not for the sake of winning, and to give the new entry athletes motivation to do gymnastics. In my example, they see what can be achieved if we continue to work hard. . And, of course, simply want to please the audience, fans who supported for me. By the way, a Japanese flew to the World Cup in France, specifically support our team. That is to say, our fan. He sat on the podium with the Belarusian flag and rooting only for us.

- I wonder which of the gymnastic items for you the most insidious?

- Now they're all the same. But when it was first, the most "tricky" for me was a tape. It seemed to me far too long and terribly naughty.

- Head coach of Russian national Irina Viner believes that it is time to act in competition with several objects. How do you feel about this idea?

- In training for better coordination and we are currently working, for example, hoop and ribbon at the same time. And in shows is a common practice. But the demonstrations - all the same show. Introduce "mnogostanochnye" combinations in the official competition, in my opinion, still not worth it. Because then you have to do less complex programs, constantly collecting items on the site.

In my opinion, if that's the change in the gym, so this play Olympic medals in individual events, not only in all-around. Then one of the exercises athlete could take a chance by performing a unique element. And so we have no room for error, because at stake is only one set of medals.

-You have a very beautiful and romantic name - Liubov (means Love). It somehow affects your life?

- When I was introduced at the competition, all around smiling, wherever she ever compete. Love is translated into any language in the world. In Italy, for example, a married couple are so pleased with my name, they decided to use the name for their daughter.

- Your most dedicated love in your life - gymnastics too?

- In the gymnastics, I implement myself, I find in it inspiration for the development to move forward. But my most dedicated love, of course, to the spouse. . But, alas, in the hall I spend more time than at home.

- Your husband is probably the nature of gold, if he puts up with this situation?

- With my husband I am really lucky. In the past, football player, he knows what life is like an athlete. Always meets me after training, and when I get tired, never asks for something to do around the house. In addition, he likes to cook and often treats me dinner ...

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October 6 2011 5 06 /10 /October /2011 13:43

Hello everybody ..

I guess many of you wondered why I didn't pulich Montpellier results ..

That's because I didn't have any time to write here or on any other forum ..

I am going to have 2 strict years of studying and I won't be able to do anything , only studying ..

So , I don't want anyone to blame me because it's not my fault :(

I will try to update everything here ..

I love you all <3

Bye :*

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September 20 2011 3 20 /09 /September /2011 00:03

Today the W.C. in Montpellier , France officially started ..

Some of my friends are there now and I hope that they give me some news  

But the while , I have some results from daay 1 !

Actually they are 135 gymnasts so I will post the first 10 results


I will try to get more news ..


Here are the first results ( They are not complete yet because some gymnasts did hoop or ball but not the 2 apparatus )





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September 3 2011 7 03 /09 /September /2011 01:24
Hello everybody !
While getting ready for broadcasting the results of Montpellier , at first we wish good luck for all the gymnasts
PS: Davai Dasha Kondakova ( My favourite now  )
My friend or you can say my sister Joanna made a montage called let's get lost in rhytmic gymnastics ..
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August 30 2011 3 30 /08 /August /2011 04:21
Daria K. and Daria D. participated in a gala with both of them with hoop and ball on "Fanatico master" which is Kondakova's hoop music for 2011 .
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August 21 2011 1 21 /08 /August /2011 21:19

Today was the final for Serie A and Serie B ..

Yesterday , I put the results of the Serie B but today I have the results of serie A ..


Something just interesting happened yesterday when all of us saw Daria Kondakova new ribbon leo that most of the people criticized ..  


308691 249592495074263 100000705442216 826137 296376 n[1] 



 Silvia Miteva came in the 2nd place and she got 4 new beautiful leotards ..

Delphine Ledoux came 3rd after Miteva and Kondakova who got the 1st place .


  Ranking   Name   Country   hoop[1]  ball[1] clubs[1]  ribbon[1] 
  1   Daria Kondakova  RUS    28.950   28.750  28.500   29.100
  2   Silvia Miteva  BUL   27.850   28.600  28.075   28.500
  3   Delphine Ledoux  FRA   27.025   27.425   27.500   27.550
  4   Melitina Staniouta  BLR   26.825   26.800   27.700   27.625
  5   Alexandra Merkoulova  RUS   27.300   26.350   27.550   27.225
  6   Anna Alyab'eva  KAZ   25.975   26.650   26.875   26.675
  7   Viktoriia Shynkarenko  UKR   25.450   25.850   26.300   25.750
  8   Bilyana Prodanova  BUL   26.050   25.675   26.150   25.300
  8   Viktoria Mazur  UKR   25.850   26.525   25.325   24.000
  10   Anna Rabtsava  BLR   26.650   24.225   26.300   25.225
  11   Anna Czarniecka  POL   25.575   25.025   25.500   23.800
  12   Samira Mustafayeva  AZE   25.425   24.900   24.150   25.400
  13   Nicole Ruprecht  AUT   25.250   25.250   24.400   25.000
  14   Zeynab Javadli  AZE   23.750   25.600   23.900   25.925
  15   Mizana Ismailova  KAZ   24.350   24.175   23.250   24.500
  16   Madina Mukanova  KAZ   23.575   23.750   24.650   23.450
  17   Mariz Shawky  EGY   24.450   23.025   24.150   22.450
  18   Marta Jasinska   POL   23.725   23.025  23.100   22.675




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Published by Rosemereta\EnigmaBondi - in Competitions
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  • Welcome :) - My name is Ranine - I am a student , a former rhytmic gymnast and a current contemporary dancer - Struggling to make my life become better - I am in love with pro-wrestlin and WWE - I love music and I can't spend my day without lis

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